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I have been fortunate to experience beautiful challenges in life, allowing me to discover wisdom and restoration both from within and through close relationship with others. I believe it is in these moments of curiosity and uncertainty that the most significant growth and healing can occur. My true desire is to come alongside others, offering support with an open mind and heart to listen deeply, sharing my gifts in such a way that clarity surfaces. And in this clarity discover the inner wisdom and truth that each Wild Soul possess to live the very best life.



My intention is to provide such support; a safe, nurturing, healing space that allows your true inner teacher to emerge. Our work together will seek to reduce the noise of the world and the distraction of our culture, allowing your deep truth to emerge.

Life is beautiful, exciting, and above all fun! Setting intention and taking steps toward your best self will open doors to new discoveries.


As an avid outdoorsman, I have found that perhaps the most healing space available is Wilderness. Honoring this truth, much of my work provides opportunity for discovery of the beauty and restoration that wild spaces offer. I seek to create experiences that allow for safe, encouraging personal growth while encountering nature in both private and small group settings.



I will be in touch soon!!

Address: 5333 Franklin Rd. 

Boise, ID 83705

Phone: 208-391-3170



By Appointment Only

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